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Namaste. Welcome to my yoga world! I'm Jacqui, a yoga teacher in south London. I teach a drop-in class on Fridays in Brixton, and private tuition around Brixton, Streatham, Clapham, Balham, Vauxhall etc. I teach haṭha, haṭha flow, restorative yoga and meditation, open to all levels from new to very experienced.

In Level 1 and Level 2 classes I teach slow flowing sequences combined with static postures, to develop mobility, strength and easeful, enjoyable movement. Sequences are creative and vary each week, and through a constant focus on the breath and awakening of prana I invite you into the subtle sensations and inner stillness within the physical forms. I create a relaxed, supportive space, using a beautiful meditative soundtrack to create positive calming vibes, and encourage you to play, explore and move beyond limitations – but where everything is optional. Beginners classes are slower and focus on learning and understanding the key postures. Ultimately, my passion is to share with you the real essence of yoga, and in longer classes, I guide you to meditation, to access the space beyond the thinking mind, enter the heart and experience the bliss of the true Self.

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No class in August. Back mid-Sept.
Fridays, 9.15am
10.30, open level
Stillpoint Yoga Brixton, 41 Acre Lane, Brixton SW2 5TN
Drop in, £12. £36 for four. First class £5. Cash only.


"I had made every excuse under the sun to not start exercising again. My joints hurt, it's too hot, it's too cold. I was running late and I wasn't going to go - but I did and I am sooo glad I did. The environment Jacqui creates is non-judgemental and she gives calm instructions and lucid explanations. There is plenty of deep stretching plus more strenuous poses that I thought I couldn't do, but after three classes my mindset has changed and I'm noticing an improvement in my physical and mental agility. I highly recommend Jacqui's class. It's my favourite 75 minutes of the week!"⁣⁣ Emma, Brixton Hill


NOTE: The doorway to Stillpoint is just after House of Hygge coffee shop (past Tesco as you walk up Acre Lane).



I teach weekly groups in a mental health charity and a family support group. I don’t have any availability for further charity classes but can cover occasional classes or teach at one-off charity events. I’m DBS checked.


I have experience teaching corporate yoga and cover south London, the West End and the City. As a journalist of many years I am fully familiar with both the joys and challenges of corporate life and know from experience how yoga can help. Pre-work, lunchtime or post-work classes. You need space and mats (I can advise which to get). POA.




Home yoga lessons focus on the physical yoga postures and breathing techniques and are suitable whether you’ve been doing yoga for a few months or many years. They fit your schedule, help you progress more than in group classes, focus on what you need and want, and help you build a home practice. Includes relaxation. Can include meditation, or we can progress to this – or if you just want to stretch and strengthen your body and find a bit of mental peace, that’s fine too!

New to yoga: If you’re a beginner we focus on key postures, anatomy, terminology and breath awareness, so you gain a basic understanding of yoga. This gives you confidence to go to group classes and be able to follow what’s happening, feeling more at ease in your body. Each week is a different category of postures, building on the week before.

Yoga growth: Meditation and other yoga practices, alongside āsana. Progresses your āsana practice and/or spiritual growth, elevates your knowledge and hones the path you’re on. We dive into what you want, your spiritual beliefs, and which practices from the tantras or classical texts are best suited to you. Beliefs and goals have to be aligned with your practices for growth to happen. Then we put the work in, with commitment, devotion, knowledge, love and support.

Lessons are in six-week blocks, usually one lesson a week. Book a single lesson if you want to try it out first. Email


“I’d never tried yoga before as classes looked like they were too fast for a novice, so my wife and I had private lessons with Jacqui. Even though my wife is a yoga regular and I’m new, we both got a lot out of it. Jacqui is excellent at building up the postures one-by-one in the right way so I understood not just what to do but the purpose of each, and my wife learnt more than in bigger classes. I was then really impressed with how it all came together in the last lessons. I’m really happy with the lessons and we’re definitely going to book another six.” Luke, Brixton Hill



I am an experienced yoga teacher, trained on triyoga’s two-year 350 hours programme. My triyoga teachers were Jeff Phenix and Susannah Hoffman (āsana) and Carlos Pomeda (philosophy). The training is accredited by British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance, and is one of the most thorough and high-quality teacher trainings there is. I teach hatha yoga (the physical practices of postures and breathwork) but wherever possible weave in meditation and philosophy from tantra and other yoga traditions.

I’ve been practising yoga for almost 20 years and have a devoted daily practice. I love the different traditions, their fascinating history and the wisdom contained in the ancient texts. I’m most interested in the texts and practices of Kashmir Shaivism. I hope to share some of these teachings, meditations and my enthusiasm with you.

I first trained to teach yoga in the mid-00s and taught on and off from 2008-2015. I’ve had a long career as a journalist, am a trained Ayurvedic practitioner, and ran a weekly Ayurvedic clinic until 2015. Since graduating from triyoga I’ve reduced my media work and focused more on yoga teaching. I’m a born-and-bred south Londoner, living in SW2 with a houseful of plants and a cat called Prana. Read in full. 



As well as teaching yoga I’m a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner with seven years’ experience treating patients. I offer two-hour workshops on yoga, on Ayurveda, or on yoga and Ayurveda combined. Contact me if you have a small group interested in a private workshop. It’s held either in your home or at a space in central Brixton. I can customise a workshop, or suggest one of the following:
Asana the Ayurvedic Way
Yoga to balance Vata, Pitta or Kapha
Yoga & Ayurveda for… (e.g. Digestion, Constipation, IBS, Diabetes, Anxiety, Stress etc)
Who are you? Earth, Water, Fire, Wind: Discover Your Elemental Nature
Rhythm of Life: Living in Tune With Your Nature (Dinacharya)