The changes of autumn: balancing wind energy

Do you love the increased wind in this week's weather, or does it disturb you? I love it. Feeling the elements. Nature making her presence felt. It refreshes me, makes me feel all elemental and free! (Except when it's messing my hair up, obvs.) But if you have a lot of the wind energy in your physical/mental make-up it can be disturbing. The physical wind in the environment increases the subtle wind and space energy (Vata dosha) in our bodies and minds.

I remember a friend once who went to Essaouira in Morocco and said it was beautiful but she hated it as it is so windy. Can you relate? Has the wind made you feel scattered, ungrounded? Maybe your mind has become overactive, or anxious. Your habits and routine might have become out of sync. Physically, it can cause dryness in the body, e.g. in your skin or digestion, and irregularity, such as in your sleep or digestive pattern.

You can balance these with opposite qualities. The primary quality of wind is that it is erratic, so counteract it with regularity, with grounding, with stability, with fluidity. In yoga postures this means grounding, stabilising actions, slow movements, and smooth flow. In your daily habits this means regularity. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Eat all (all) your meals at the same time each day. Work regular hours and know when to clock off.

In your mind this means slowing down, putting less into it, less scrolling and mental consumption. More single-pointed focus, more quiet time, more simple breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in and breathing out.... Breathing in and breathing out...

Find time for slow. May all beings be healthy and happy.