Pride and passion: Pitta people have fire in their belly!


They are the do-ers, the activists, the goal-setters, the go-getters. They have passion and pride, drive and determination, are purposeful and focused. They like to have goals and will usually achieve them. They'll fight your corner and stand up for what they believe in. Pitta people are fiery! The strong fire in their elemental nature gives them a sharp gaze, a sharp appetite, a sharp tongue and a sharp wit (they are masters of sarcasm). They can make you laugh, they can inspire you, and they can cut you. They are lovers and they are fighters.

Creatively, they're often passionate about music, singing, dancing, literature or art. In fact, they'll often want you to listen to the band they've just heard, read the book they couldn't put down, or to come to the yoga class they love. They get so passionate they sometimes don't see that you really don't want to! They can make excellent teachers, lawyers, engineers, designers, musicians, doctors, writers, journalists, architects, editors, stylists, managers, leaders, business people, entrepreneurs or athletes. They are loyal, reliable, articulate and can speak eloquently and engagingly about things that matter to them and that they're knowledgable about.

Their fire also makes them critical, impatient, snappy, and controlling. They like to be right. They can't let things go if they want something done their way and sometimes can't see that another way is different but still OK. They get easily overheated (emotionally and physically) and can flare up easily. They can be judgemental (both of themselves and others), even if they keep it to an internal dialogue, They have a moderate build, and a strong appetite. Don't be around a Pitta if they've skipped their lunch!

Pitta people are prone to particular ailments. They can easily overwork and overexercise and burn themselves out, leading to excess heat and inflammatory conditions in the body. So they need to chill out, make time for fun and see the beauty in life and in other people (especially those who do not have their drive and action!). They need to keep cool, physically and metaphorically, and take time to smell the roses, literally.

Pitta mentality and motivation

Positive tendencies Perceptive, determined, passionate, organised, reliable, logical, articulate, good leaders, enterprising, good discipline, sharp intellect, sharp sense of humour. Desire to help people understand the nature of things. 

Negative tendencies Irritable, angry, critical, frustrated, likes to control things, overly analytical, overworks, fanatical. Anxious about their goals, and of what others think of them. Likes to be right.

Motivation Has purpose and passion, and likes to have goals and challenges.

Pitta body type and digestion

Physical Pitta people are medium height, with a moderately developed physique (they can be either athletic or wiry, but their build will be moderate compared with others of their racial type). The face is a moderate size and shape, with sharp contours, and warm reddish skin. The eyes are moderate, tend to redness, and their gaze is sharp (penetrating). The hands are angular with redness. Pittas might lose or gain weight but, with their determination, can fairly easily get back in balance if they put their mind to it. 

Appetite Strong, sharp. Always hungry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Often able to digest anything and eat lots without gaining weight. Can't skip meals., and can get Irritable if food is late.

Stools Abundant, loose, can be yellowish, smelly, tends towards diarrhoea (can go 2-3 times a day, but this is a sign that Pitta is imbalanced).

Menstruation Regular, a 28-day cycle, with flow lasting 3-5 days. Tends to a heavy flow. Possible pain beforehand, and often frustrated and irritable before flow starts.

In the Ayurvedic way of living, eating specific foods and making certain lifestyle choices can balance our elemental nature, and keep body and mind in balance. If you are a Pitta type, look for Pitta-balancing recipes and advice (unless you have ny sort of ailment, such as PMS or poor digestion, in which case see an Ayurvedic practitioner). Good beginners' (but comprehensive) books on Ayurveda are A Pukka Life by Sebastian Pole, or Prakriti by Dr Robert Svoboda