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Ayurveda at Triyoga in Camden, London NW1. Consultations, Ayurvedic massage, facial massage. Jacqui Gibbons is an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner. 

Prakriti: your Ayurvedic nature

VATA Creative, light, free spirits

Vata dosha arises from wind and space. So people who are predominantly Vata are light and restless; they like to move a lot, talk a lot, and are able to easily change and adapt. They are creative, enthusiastic and communicative. They are free spirits.

PITTA Passionate, funny, driven

Pitta people are fiery! Their strong fire element gives them drive and passion, and makes them purposeful and focused. They are loyal, reliable, sharp and funny (often sarcastic humour). They can focus, they like to have goals and will usually achieve them.

KAPHA Calm, warm, earth mother

Kapha people's dominant earth and water energy makes them strong, steady and slow-moving – Kapha types don't do anything fast! They have a well-developed physique, and emotionally are calm and content. They are loving and nurturing; the earth mother.